Sunday, July 24, 2011

NEW! Second Part of Mall Demon Urban Fantasy Series Released

I just posted the latest addition to the Mall Demon Urban Fantasy Short Story Series. Readers can check it out for FREE at Wattpad.

The latest addition is PART TWO in the THIRTEEN-PART short story series that focuses on the battle between angels and demons at a modern-day shopping mall. The story, "Swift To Sin, Swift To Shed Blood" follows PART ONE, "Death Speaks Loudest To Those Who Flee (A folk story retold)."

After showing the second story to a few readers, I looked again at the end - in particular, the last scene with Lily. Some said they thought it was "too creepy." So, I'm wondering what others might think.

Is the final part of "Swift To Sin, Swift To Shed Blood" too creepy?

Let me know. Comments and e-mail messages are always welcome.

COMING NEXT: PART THREE in the Mall Demon Urban Fantasy Series.
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