Thursday, December 29, 2011

Free Mall Demons E-Book

So here's the deal: On January 7, I'm giving away 2 free Mall Demons e-books. If you want them, then simply post a comment to this blog entry to enter the contest. It's that simple! 

Some of you may have read the flash fiction story that started the whole Mall Demons Urban Fantasy Series. If so, then you will be familiar with the content of the e-book, which expands on the first story. In the end, I wanted to create a story that dealt with Good vs Evil. 

The Mall Demons Urban Fantasy Series is the result. The twist here is that the battle between good and evil is happening at a shopping mall. Have you been to a mall lately? Well, if so, then you may have encountered a demon. Yes, you probably have. Everyone is vulnerable. They want you to die!


  1. It's a really cool story. Very action-packed! Am I eligible to win the free e-book?

  2. Excellent post,I bookmark your blog to my browser bye.

  3. Hey Mr.R, I love the fact that I had the experience of being your student you're a great professor and I look forward to your next book. Danielle

  4. Thanks for that. I love teaching students. My goal is to make all my students great writers.


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