Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What Is Writing?

Here is something I came across about the art of writing:

Whence did the wond'rous mystic art arise,
Of painting SPEECH and speaking to the eyes?
that we, by tracing magic lines, are taught
How both to the colour and embody THOUGHT?

Saturday, July 26, 2014

One Reason Why It's A Good Day

In the middle of cooking dinner... What else?

I have some of the kids reading, some watching a movie. Earlier it was quite the task to get them to clean the entertainment room and the inevitable spillover of toys and books in the living room, dining room, the halls, the bathrooms...sigh!... OK, every square inch of the house.

That all done, I sat on the couch (I mean, reclined) and read. I found a Tennessee Williams quote about his sister that struck me. So, I grabbed my notebook to jot it down and my thoughts on it. The quote made me think of a scene for my characters. Then I fell asleep.

Only for five minutes, because the kids started fighting about whose turn it was on the video game.

The one reason why it was a good day: I was able to find the inspiration to write. Even if you only get a few minutes, write. If you do today or tomorrow or next week, then consider it a good day.

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