Thursday, July 21, 2011

Mall Demon Urban Fantasy Series: Part Two, Designs Coming

Part Two of the Mall Demon Urban Fantasy Series is almost ready for print. Part One was "Death Speaks Loudest To Those Who Flee." You still can check the story out for FREE on Wattpad. Part Two is called "Swift To Sin, Swift To Shed Blood."

This is the second of 13 parts. I will be posting it on Wattpad, which you can view for FREE on your PC, e-Reader or smartphone. For the moment, my mugshot is still the only art on the cover. However, a designing duo is working tirelessly as we speak on graphics concepts for the cover. I'm hoping you'll see some of those concepts by the time Part Three is posted.

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Not lost in all this, coming in August is the first in a series of helpful articles on setting specific, realistic writing goals.

OK... back to the cave.

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