Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mall Demons Is Young Adult Fiction

The more I tinker with my manuscript, the more I'm convinced that it is Modern Fantasy or Urban Fantasy, depending on which term you like. It also fits in the Spiritual/Religion genre since at its heart is a spiritual battle between the forces of Heaven and Hell.

However, it is written for a Young Adult audience. Because of that, I've changed the description to the already-published Prelude to the Mall Demons Series. I applied the first change to my book description on my page. It goes like this:

In this Young Adult/Modern Fantasy with a spiritual twist, catch up with demons who have been waging a war against humanity for thousands of years. In their latest effort to create a Hell on earth, the demons have targeted a shopping mall outside of Washington DC. The leader of the dark forces has arrived and is training an apprentice. But the Army of Heaven has noticed and is mobilizing in expectation of the Chosen One. Meet an extraordinary warrior angel, Evangeline, who is eager to get in the fight. She and a mysterious hooded figure named Watcher are looking to pay back an age-old wrong. This prelude sets the stage for Book One of the Mall Demons Fantasy Book Series. Readers will be introduced to the shrewd master demon as he shares a valuable lesson with his apprentice about tempting mankind. Can a man run from his own death? The master demon has the answer, but will his apprentice listen?

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