Friday, July 15, 2011

Grading Papers, Research and Chess - Summer camp Pedro Style

As I work on grading papers and do Web research, the kids are using my old laptop to learn chess.

Yes, it's summer, and since we can't afford to send them to camp, they are participating in Camp Pedro. This morning that means they are learning chess on dad's old Wal-mart laptop using an old chess game for Windows 95/98. The game case was a little dusty since it's been sitting in a box of forgotten items for the past few years.

But... except for a stray beep and buzz from the game when they make an illegal move, it's peacefully quiet in the room. They are having fun. Isn't that nice.

It's quiet so I can work. The kids are having fun on their own (No, "Daddy, I'm bored!" Um... at least, not yet.)

Good times. Fun on a budget. I like it.

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