Saturday, December 3, 2011

WoMen's Literary Cafe

Just downed a bowl of soup. Feeling a little better, but the sniffles are still there. Think I gave it to my wife (Sorry, luv.).

During my NyQuil stupor, I put the Mall Demons Prelude manuscript on my Kindle. Just a test run to see what it would look like on the e-reader. It has shown me where I need to change a few things. Once it was on my Kindle my kids were eager to read it. Yay for dad!

Now, the purpose of this post: I signed up as a member over at WoMen's Literary Cafe. I have been following the tweets for months and the NyQuil told me it was time to join. I gotta widget badge thingy here on my blog (right sidebar). So if you're curious, go check it out. The site looks great. Anything that has writers working together and connects writers with readers is a great thing.

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