Thursday, December 1, 2011

Link With Quotes From Stephen King et al To Inspire Writers

Catching up with my Web trolling now that NanoWriMo is over. I found this Writer's Digest post with 90 quotes to inspire writers. The quotes themselves focus on writing advice offered by bestselling writers like Stephen King, Tom Clancy and John Grisham.

So check it out. 

Also, speaking of writing advice... I have added a writing store bar at the top of my blog. Here I've listed many of the writing books and resources I or others I know have found useful in their writing endeavors.


  1. 'Thanks for sharing
    the post you found Pedro...'

    I like how they Practically
    organised those quotes into
    special Categories.

    I have done something similar on my blog,
    with creating Categories, since my blog became somewhat cluttered,

    Now you can find all that info in Special Dedicated Pages, with Pages for my Short Stories, Tips for Writing a Bestseller, Writing Books, - Trade Magazine Subscriptions and even a Page with 'Upcomming Events'

    There you can also find some great Inspirational - Video's - that can Inspire for 'Speaking on Stage'

  2. Hey, thx HP. Nothing like some good organization. Keep it up.


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