Friday, December 2, 2011

First Line To Mall Demons Prelude

First of all, I've been on Dayquil/Nyquil for the past two days. Woo-hoo! Da room is spinning!!

So since I'm in the perfect state for writing, I worked out my prelude to Book One of my Mall Demons Urban Fantasy Series. In the next week, I plan to release it as a Kindle Single in advance of the release of "The Chosen Must Fall: Book One of the Mall Demons Series."

I'm collecting quite a bit of feedback from my beta readers. One of the areas that drew the most criticism was in the characterization of some of my characters. So I added a few paragraphs in the beginning to address some of the criticisms.

As for my first line, here's what it is... so far:
Esperanza would not have smiled and waved goodbye to her husband if she had seen the two red-eyed demons hovering behind him. 

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