Sunday, December 18, 2011

Successfully Self-Published! Death Speaks Loudest Kindle Version Is Out

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I feel relieved and excited. I spent Saturday editing and formatting my submission through Kindle Direct Publishing. And my first e-book is published and available to the world. Death Speaks Loudest To Those Who Flee, the Kindle edition, is available for 99 cents.

Still some details to iron out as I wade through these self-publishing waters for the first time. 

  • First of all, I have to figure out why my cover image isn't showing up next to the product description.
  • Second, it seems there's a separate process to getting your e-book listed as a Kindle Single. From what I can tell, it can take up to two weeks. The upside is that authors can choose the 70 % royalty option once they get the Kindle Single designation even if the price is 99 cents. So, needless to say, I'll be shooting Amazon an e-mail to get that process started.
  • And third, I will need to make a decision about KDP Select which Amazon lists as "a new option to make money and promote your book." Authors must decide, however, to make the book exclusive to Kindle for at least 90 days. That means during that time you can't sell it anywhere else. Now as a Kindle Select, your book is included in the Kindle Owners' Lending Library and, Amazon says, authors will earn a share of a monthly fund when readers borrow your books from the library.
So... decisions, decisions. Overall, this has been a good experience. I at least now know what it take to get a manuscript from beginning idea to the marketplace. Now, I just need to edit and format 'The Chosen Must Fall: Book One of the Mall Demons Series' for publication in January. At the moment, it stands at about 200 pages. However pages are not really relevant for e-books since manuscripts get resized on individual e-readers depending on reader settings.

Are you new to self-publishing? Thinking of taking the plunge? Send me a question. I'm happy to share what I'm learning now that I have dived into the deep end of the indie author pool!

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