Friday, December 9, 2011

Fiction: Swift To Sin, Swift To Shed Blood

If you have missed the Mall Demons stories on Wattpad up until now, here you go. They will be a part of this blog for all to see. Yesterday I posted the story that started it all. Here is the second one. Enjoy.

Story Two in the Mall Demon Series
By Pedro Ramirez III
The young girl scanned the crowd, but could not find her older sister. She sighed.
"I've been waiting 20 minutes for her, mom!" the girl said into the cell phone.
As if prompted by her mother, Angel placed her shopping bags on the table in front of her.
"OK… Yes, the food to Subway."
She sat - a look of concern and frustration on her 15-year-old face. A small bird flitted above catching her eye. The girl tracked its flight, looking through two demons perched on the scaffolding above the food court.
The master demon watched the bird fly towards the ceiling lights where he lost sight of it.
"Hmmmm. Be warned. Control your appetite," the master demon said, sniffing at the air. "Do not allow yourself to get drunk with desire."
The smaller demon was perched next to his master. The apprentice watched with his narrow, red eyes three teen girls moving down the escalator. The master noticed and growled.
"Be warned!"
The outburst startled the apprentice who jerked his gaze away from the girls.
"You are spending too much time with Lust!" the master demon said. "You have been warned... That path will lead to destruction."
Below the demons, another girl was approaching the sandwich shop. She saw her younger sister, Angel, sitting at a table.
"Where have you been?" Lily asked. "I've been looking for you."
Angel looked up at her older sister.
"No you haven't. I've been waiting right here for 20 minutes."
"What? No way!"
The demons drawn by the smell of deceit watched the sisters.
"Opportunity," the master demon said.
"We said we'd meet here. I was here," Angel said. "You're lying."
Lily sat across from Angel showing no signs of being affected by her sister's accusation.
"What did you buy?" Lily asked, changing the subject. She had the bag in hand examining the contents before Angel could react.
"Give it back!"
The blouse was from Hollister. Lily instantly fell in love with it.
"Cute!" Lily said. "Can I wear it tomorrow?"
The master demon smiled.
"A perfect opportunity," he said.
"I'm ready, master," the apprentice said.
"We shall see."
The apprentice took his cue and swooped down. He landed next to Lily and Angel.
With his master watching overhead, the apprentice went to work on Lily. He was so close to her now. His nose inches from her cheek. She was intoxicating.
"The party is tomorrow," Lily asked again. "Can I wear it?"
Lily liked nice things. She deserved nice things. The apprentice demon formed the thought in her mind.
"No, I'm wearing it," Angel said. "Besides, it's mine."
The demon deepened Lily's desire. Lily was determined to stare down her sister.
"You're not even going to the party," Lily said. 
"So, I'm still wearing it."
The demon caressed Lily's cheek. With a hungry grin, he seeded more thoughts.
"What a waste, you're just gonna wear it at home," Lily said.
For a second, Angel hesitated. A quivering frown formed. This universe, her universe, was one where Lily always got what she wanted. It was a fact Angel had resigned herself to time and time again.
Angel noticed the small bird perched high above. She looked at Lily who was staring intently at her. Angel usually averted her eyes when Lily stared, but she suddenly felt bolstered. This time, Angel held her gaze.
"C'mon, Angel. You can wear it the day after tomorrow."
"No, give it back." Angel stood up, extending her arm. "Give it back, please."
Lily realized Angel was not budging. The demon prodded her again. Lily replaced the blouse in the bag, but gave a quick tug as she did, popping a seam.
"Fine," Lily said. "Actually, I think I'd rather wear a dress."
She tossed the bag onto the table, then stood.
"I'm going to the restroom," Lily said.
Angel sat, placing the bag on her lap. She watched Lily vanish into the hall leading to the restrooms. She could not see the apprentice demon gliding behind her older sister.
Lily was in front of the restroom mirror fidgeting with her hair and mumbling.
"Don't know what the big deal is...Why she won't let me borrow the blouse."
A thought entered her mind.
"I hate her," she said into the mirror.
A sudden chill filled the air. Lily shivered. A shadow in the mirror's reflection caught her attention. She turned to the stall behind her.
"Hello?" Lily called out.
She heard a low growl that made her hold her breath. It was coming from the stall in front of her. She knew she should run, but she couldn't move.
She wanted to call out to her sister. "Angel!" She wanted to call out to anyone. But her voice was dead.
"So nice," the apprentice demon said.
Lily could hear him. He was calling to her: "So, nice. Come. Come here. You deserve nice things."
She couldn't stop her hand from reaching out. She couldn't stop it from opening the stall door. A look of horror overcame her face. The growl. The voice in her head. It was a monster.
"Hello, darling," the demon said through a sinister smile. "I am the worst of monsters."
Lily looked down to the restroom floor in front of her. She dropped her purse. She saw her feet stepping into the stall.
"No! Stop!" The words formed in her mind, but no sound came from her mouth.
"Come, my little darling."
"No! Help! Angel! Mom!"
She saw her hand close the stall door behind her. The monster was laughing a terrifying laugh. Before her world went black, Lily saw the monster lunge at her and then felt a heavy weight crush her body.
He had devoured all of her except her head when he heard the roar. The apprentice demon quickly swallowed it whole, sucking in strands of hair like they were spaghetti. The demon heard a large winged creature land in front of the restroom stall. A large black hand ripped the stall door from its hinges.
"Fool!" the master demon said.
"Forgive me master," the apprentice pleaded. "I couldn't help myself."
"Forgiveness is not for our kind," the master said. "I warned you."
Before the apprentice could utter another word, the master was upon him.
Moments later, the master demon was back on his perch on the scaffolding. Below him Angel and her mother were sitting at the table waiting for Lily. The little bird landed in front of the demon.
"Tell your master that I have executed the punishment," the master demon said.
A blinding light pulsed from the bird as it spoke.
"You know the rules, demon. They are not to be physically harmed, especially the children!"
The words caused the master demon to cringe with pain, angering him. The foes were locked in a stare down for several seconds until the demon could no longer endure the light.
"I know the rules!" the demon said. "My apprentice has paid the price for his foolish lust."
"There will not be a next time demon." With those final words, the bird flew away. The pain subsided. The demon straightened his back and stretched his leathery wings.
"Oh, you can be sure angel. There will indeed be a next time."

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