Thursday, September 22, 2011

Paying The Bills, Feeding the Family First

I was talking to a student today about the tug of war that I'm sure aspiring writers go through when balancing day jobs with their writing passions.

I want to use every waking moment to work on my Mall Demons series. I have other projects I'd love to start. But... that gets put on hold. It must be put on hold or my family starves. Sorry for the melodrama, but it seemed appropriate.

Over the last week I have been squeezing time for every drop to work on my projects. There just hasn't been enough time in the day. Lots of student papers to grade means some writing time gets sacrificed. Sigh...

I had hoped to post the fourth episode in the Mall Demons series this past Sunday. Now, I'm hoping I can get it published during the next week. 

I should catch up with grading within that time. more tug of war (at least that's what I'm hoping for). Here's to hoping. 


  1. What grading papers is concerned, I remember that Yeaaaars ago I once noticed a (lazy) teacher that had some clever students grade the 'First Draft' for him. And than he did the final checking himself. The clever students feel proud, (and get to practice) the teacher delegates the 'Heavy Lifting' to me it looked as a perfect Win/win situation.

    I don't know if you could possibly use a somewhat similar strategy...? Anyway on my Travel Blog you can also find out all about 'The Lazy Way to Success' that I have as recommended reading. (you can find it via the 'Great Links' page on my Writing Blog)

  2. Thanks for the suggestion HP. I will check it out. Teaching students how to edit their first drafts is important. They won't always have a professor around to look over their work.


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