Thursday, September 15, 2011

Part Four of the Mall Demons Series Coming!

The work week is over finally. Well, I have one more obligation I forgot about, but that will take about two hours of my time. The rest of tonight and tomorrow will be spent finishing the fourth and fifth parts of the Mall Demons Urban Fantasy Series.

I'm shooting for publishing on Sunday. Same channel as the others. In other words, you'll find it on I have been doing a little more research, and have found inspiration in several folk tales, legends and in some of the Old Testament books of the Bible. 

I might also add that I have started reading through several Stephen King short stories. Odd how my mother started reading his books when I was just a child. I often remember seeing her through the years with book after book reading in bed. And here I am now using those books as study guides.

Do you have an unexpected link from the past to your writing now? Share it.

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