Saturday, September 24, 2011

Looking For Writing Inspiration?

The last two days I have been nibbling at another part of my Mall Demons Urban Fantasy Series (Read the 1st part by following the link). Just kinda left it on the screen of my netbook, then in between chores and other duties, I've come back to it.

Today I left it on the arm of the couch. My fourth grader saw it and decided to offer some scene suggestions. I sat down at one end of the couch watching her tap away at the keyboard. Chicken peck because she doesn't know how to touch type yet.

Funny to see her go. It was just before dinner. It was her turn to do the dishes. Usually they have to drop everything to complete their chores. This time, however, I was fascinated at what I was seeing. I told her to go do the dishes.

"OK, but I have so many ideas. I have to write them down first," she replied without looking up from the keyboard.

I sat watching her tap away for about 20 minutes. Every so often she would ask me a question.

"How do you spell 'suddenly?'"

"What else did you want the angels to do in this scene?"

"Is Evangeline in this part?"

After a few more minutes, she handed me my netbook asking whether I was going to include her suggestions. She had typed several paragraphs. I told her I would look at what she wrote.

It was inspiring. It made me grateful for my passion. To see how it has affected my daughter was exciting. I needed that today. This was the inspiration I needed to keep writing tonight. I know tomorrow morning she will wake up and ask me if I'm done with my draft. She will ask me if I used her stuff. I'll have to figure that one out.

Have you made an impact on someone with your writing? Has someone inspired you to keep writing? Share your stories in the comments section below.


  1. I don't know if I really made an impact on someone with my writing, only years ago when I worked at a big Record/Entertainment company I often did have the challenge to write very clear, I mean real clear.

    Because one of my tasks was to write very specific work order instructions, because back than we had delegated this simple and time consuming counting and preparing of the Point of Sale materials (POS) to a company with partly disabled people, and we had no interest in unpleasant surprises because of little mis communications.

    For this it was important to clearly explain exactly how to select and divide those POS-materials to be able to send them to the Sales Promotors, that in their turn would distribute them to the stores.

  2. It's examples like these where we more than likely did have an impact, but just don't know it. There's so much unclear business writing out there. It's refreshing when we find good material as consumers.
    Thanks for sharing.


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