Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Earthquake Hits East Coast!

I'm sitting here at my computer desk grading papers when I feel a rumble. It just keeps rumbling, slowly building intensity. Then people started freaking out. It was indeed an earthquake that struck only minutes ago in the Washington DC area.

I was a little worried there for a few minutes when my co-workers ran for the halls and away from the windows. I have a huge wall of windows to one side of my desk. Figured I should follow. Then the writer kicked in. I took a few steps, then reconsidered.

I turned around, grabbed my Blackberry, which was charging, and my netbook. Thoughts that came to mind. I can update my Twitter status: EARTHQUAKE!! And, my novel draft is in my netbook. If the building goes down, I can't lose that.

I left the papers I was grading where they were. Funny how your brain works in a crisis.


  1. So are you saying your papers aren't as important as your electronics? LOL

  2. Lol! Lets see... Grab papers or netbook w/ my novel on it?
    "Which way do I go, George? Which way do I go?"


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