Thursday, November 17, 2011

Reality Sets In

Do you remember having those wonderful dreams where you get everything you've ever hoped for? Yeah... then reality smacks you in the face.

I'm busy cranking out my NaNoWriMo novel. I'm at about 25,000 words, so... not like I'm too far behind. But, other stuff has got me stressed. In a nutshell... My dad's in the hospital. My kids are going through stuff. Parents will understand. I'm forced to have that talk w/ one of my kids. You know.. the birds and the bees talk. Think I'm gonna puke....

Then there's my novel. I have neglected my first book in the Mall Demons Series. Gotta finish. But trying to bring a novel to market is stressful. Right now, I'm trying to finalize book cover art. Other considerations????? There's the cost for ISBN numbers and bar codes. Winning the lottery for at least $500 would be so sweet right now.

That's not gonna happen, so... (fyi... not sure what comes next.).


  1. Hello Pedro,

    Hope everything goes well...,
    Haven't been on your blog for a while,
    only today I saw something new in the forum and did a reply about Marketing in the Forum...., and though let's have a look at your blog again, to check what's new.

    'For what Reality
    is concerned...,'

    Because of something that happened that I wrote about in my tiny little (the Vision) ebook (that you can preview on my - Writer's Lifestyle - Blog when you visit the 'Events' page) and because of an interesting book titled:
    'The Lazy Way to Success' (that you can find on my Travel Lifestyle Blog)

    I now more than ever focus on avoiding to 'Paint Myself Stuck', aim to Design my Lifestyle and aim to practice a simple thought:

    'It can be as I want'
    (note to self; great thought
    to Free Write about)

    Sometimes - when I take a little time to relax - answers I can use simply 'Pop up' from nowhere. (Although I can imagine that to be a challenge with kids and with having your dad in the hospital.)

    For what your ISBN nr. is concerned, might it be possible for you to first just publish it as an eBook?

    I have my tiny (the Vision) book currently only published as an ebook, by a Publishing On Demand (POD) Company the great thing about it is that you only have to pay them when there actually is money comming in from people buying it.(as far as I know you don't have to register an ISBN for it)

    Also than when you see that there is
    - a demand - for it you can alway's descide if you want to also publish it as a physical book....?

    'It's just a thought,
    might that be something....?'

  2. thx! Good to hear from you. November has been crazy w/ the Nanowrimo challenge. Now that it's done, I can breathe easier.


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