Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Latest Writing Project

My son came home a bit down because he got a bad grade on a math worksheet. Late last night I rummaged through my library and found a book on math for his grade level.

My wife and I helped him put together some flash cards, but I also outlined the idea for a picture book about a little boy needing help with math. I'll have to pull out my sketch book to work on the art later. It's a good break from editing my Spiritual/Sci-Fi novel, "Harvesting the Alien Corn."

I did spend about an hour researching characters for the novel.

Just remembered, I have until Friday to get my attempt at horror writing done for my creative writing club - a short story set in Arlington, Va. I've got the general idea, just need to get it done.

Last, but not least, I returned to my collegiate roots on Saturday, writing a poem (for my wife). I used to love open-mike poetry nights at this cafe in Syracuse. Think I'll pull it off my flash drive and post some of it for my next entry.

Time for a little research (watching a foreign-language film).


  1. I was tired last night, i have all day class and lat sleep


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