Monday, February 21, 2011

Cartooning Weekend

What happens when you take an hour to read a book on the old Calvin & Hobbes strip?

You spend a weekend cartooning.

Guess that's not too bad. Works with my children's book idea. The kids and I spent a couple of hours at the kitchen table sketching out ideas on Sunday.

I'm brainstorming an idea to use a strip to address plagiarism issues on campus. Thinking it could go in the student newsletter that's in development now. Oh yeah, I'll be helping with editing (put that J-schooling to good use, lol).

So.... that poem to my wife. She got a kick out of this line laced with a touch of Spanglish and a subtle nod to a Saturday Night Live skit:

(Maybe we should dance? Orale!)
Had we but time to cut a rug so fine. 
But, my back whispers, warning me... it groans,
“Don’t dance too much, or you’ll pop out your cooter bones.”

1 comment:

  1. I am not dance and watch that kind of music and i will keep don't give attention with the dance, but i will learn what it say.



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