Monday, February 21, 2011

Do you repeat yourself? Two links to frequency counters

Of course you repeat yourself. We all do. Some repetition is good to drive home your point in a story or essay, but too much is just too much.

So... I was checking through my Twitter Follows and found a useful site with word and phrase frequency counters. The Phrase Frequency Counter allows you to choose the number of words in a phrase to check (from 2-10). The Word Frequency Counter checks every word in your text. Both frequency counters allow you to cut and paste or type the writing sample you want analyzed.  

These are cool:
Phrase Frequency Counter
Word Frequency Counter

For example, when I cut and paste the text above (including the blog title) into the Phrase Frequency Counter, I found out that I used the phrase "frequency counter" four times, "phrase frequency" and "frequency counters" three times each. Plugging in the same sample into the Word Frequency Counter, I found that I used the word "frequency" seven times, and "you" and "to" five times each.

Good to know - especially when writing for the Web.


  1. Good writing tools. Thank you for sharing!

  2. You're welcome. In fact, I will be sharing them w/ my students tomorrow, too.

  3. I do repeated things sometimes, If forgot what i said, and I repeat again that was wrong .I have co-latter with one girl, she is in the prison i write for twice a month she do the same but i will carefully not repeated the same story.

  4. As a lyricist, I have made such a thing into a personal goal, in order to improve my songwriting.

  5. As a lyricist, some repetition and rhyming is, indeed, essential. Some of us, however, repeat ourselves and don't mean to. Thanks for the comment.


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