Monday, May 11, 2015

Writing Prompt: Seriously? That's Such a 1st World Problem!

I'm in class watching my students take their final exams. Good times.

In this class, students are looking at Third World Problems. One student asked, "What's the Third World?" Well, it usually refers to developing countries in Latin America, Asia and Africa. Really, it's a holdover term from the Cold War Era.

But, this moment in class reminds me of how my friends and I often make fun of each other when we complain too much about silly things we have no business complaining about.

Situation: I was at Starbucks this past Sunday morning. I ordered a Grande Dark Roast. I asked the barista to leave room for cream and sugar. "Ok," he said. I got the coffee. He totally didn't leave room for cream and sugar. "Seriously?!" I thought to myself. Yes, I was perturbed. Perturbed, as in upset in a First World way. Now I have to pour some coffee out to make room for my cream and sugar. "Oh, I forgot there's nutmeg! Let's sprinkle some of that in," I thought as I prepped my coffee. Now, I feel better.

People are dealing with famine in Third World countries and my morning is almost derailed because I have to pour out a little coffee. That is a First World problem.

Need something to freewrite about today? Think of all the silly First World complaints that come out of your mouth, your friends' mouths. Imagine how farcical a scene could be where characters are whining and complaining about First World problems as if they were the end of the world.

If you come up with some good ones, feel free to share them with me. I'll respond as soon as I can, but lately, my wi-fi has been acting up. OMG! It's s-o-o-o annoying. (LOL...First World problem.)

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