Friday, February 1, 2013

Productive Day...For The Most Part

I love Fridays because they are my days off from the classroom. Not that the classroom isn't fun, but my Fridays are my time to write, read, research, and have fun.

First things first, I had to renew some library books. Yes, I'm one of those borrowers who racks up overdue fines. But with e-mail alerts I'm more on top of my library account. Checking out e-books is great for avoiding late fees, too. Once the loan period is over, the book disappears from my Kindle. Sweet!

That's what we need: actual hardcover and paperback books that disappear through some sort of vortex or something when it's time to return them. The vortex then automatically sends them back to the library. Somebody needs to invent that!

Much of my research today has been on Christian fiction. I'm also reading "25 Books Every Christian Should Read," and Robert W. Bly's "Secrets of a Freelance Writer."

I've also been thinking a lot about my main character, Daniel, from my Mall Demons project. I started writing a journal in his voice. Trying to get in his head.

What really got me excited today is discovering that I've lost three pounds since I started hitting the gym. Writing and reading can be a sedentary lifestyle - and has been for me the last several years - so I decided this year I would get in shape.

Good times!

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