Thursday, August 29, 2013

Looking For a Fun Way To Build Your Vocabulary Word By Word?

Remember all those vocabulary lists you had to memorize in elementary school? I know, it's a bad, bad memory for many.

If only our teachers had provided us with a fun way to build our word knowledge. Fun or not, if you're a writer or student, words are your tools. The last thing you want is to limit your ability to express yourself because your word toolbox is half empty.

Last month, I found, a site that tries to make building your vocabulary fun. I tried it, and liked it. One of my older children saw me playing on the site and got hooked, too.

So if you've been telling yourself you need to improve your vocabulary, then check out Maybe you'll like it.

Note: Every so often I will share links to sites I find interesting. I do this because mom always said it was better to share.

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