Wednesday, August 7, 2013

5 Ways To Enjoy Creative Fun-Time With Your Kids

With only a few more weeks left of summer vacation the question on many parents' minds is: Now what do we do with the kids?

If you're like me, I don't want them glued to the television for eight hours, or stuck to the computer playing games or on Facebook. It's a huge challenge in my house because I have five children to "entertain." 

Being a writer and creative type has helped me come up with ways to stave off the dreaded sound of "Dad, I'm bored!" coming from the living room. Here's the first of five activities I have found to enjoy creative fun-time with my kids. Each of these five activities are inexpensive, too. 

Activity #1
Acting out our favorite book or movie. 

My kids really get into this - especially if there's a lot of action and cool costumes. Some faves have been anything Star Wars, Stargate, Harry Potter and Ice Age. The kids often will spend a couple of hours in their room planning out scenes to act out, setting up props, costumes, etc. Usually they do this in secret because they want to surprise mom and dad. We have a craft box with crayons, markers, cardboard and other materials for them to use, but we let them use the dining room chairs, bed sheets and whatever else they may need (as long as they don't ruin the furniture). 

If simply performing for mom and dad in the living room isn't exciting enough for the kids, we bring out the camcorder and film the entire production. Filming is usually the job my kids designate for me. We have relatives all over the country. So, I set up a YouTube channel where we can post these kids productions to share with family.
I keep it private allowing only family to access it. I recently found the My Kids' Adventures blog which gives parents ideas for having family fun. A recent post was titled: "How to Stage a Family Play With Your Kids." If your kids are anything like mine, acting out their favorite book or movie will provide hours (some times days) of free fun at home.

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Activity #2: Creative crafts with paper

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