Thursday, January 3, 2013

Creative Cooking

Five minutes ago I completed the evening dinner for my family of seven. Because I can't help but be creative, I decided to do something different.

My wife came home feeling ill. So, dinner was up to me. I decided to make it simple: two cans of beef stew from the pantry over a bed of rice. But... I was feeling creative. 
Rice in a star shape with carmelized onions and
sliced garlicky french toast.

I carmelized some onions. We had half a loaf of french bread left from yesterday. I whipped up a custard and soaked bread slices - like french toast - but made it savory. Translation: Garlicky french toast. 

Before plating, I decided to send a message to my kids: You're all superstars. I used a cookie cutter shape to form the rice in a star. They were super excited with the result. 

Good times.

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