Saturday, December 1, 2012

Modern Fantasy and Allusions

I love allusions. They can pack a great punch for writers who want to lay out a great deal of meaning in a few words. I use them quite a bit in my writing of the Mall Demons Urban Fantasy stories.

What is an allusion? Basically a casual reference to a historical or literary character, event, or something. Some of the most powerful allusions - especially if  you're writing spiritual fiction - come from the Bible. Here's an example from one of my Mall Demons stories. Can you guess what story it comes from in the Bible?

From Chapter Four in the Mall Demons stories:

"We have roamed through this shopping center and have found it suitable for our needs," Sargas said.
At Sargas' words, the imps drew nearer again so that their evil faces appeared to be hovering in the darkness. Sargas continued.
"We have gone back and forth," he said. "Its inhabitants willingly belong to us."

And a little later:

"One has been chosen to prove he is blameless and upright. The chosen fears God and shuns evil. The fate of this ground shall be decided through him. The hedge around him shall be loosened."

Some of that dialogue is nearly word for word from the Bible. It is from a story that parallels what my protagonist is about to go through at this part of the Mall Demons story. My hope is if readers make the connection with the Biblical reference, they will then understand what my protagonist is about to go through.

Do  you use allusions in your writing? Whether you're writing Fantasy or another genre, give it a try.

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