Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What's Under Your Couch? Evidence of Your Twisted Writing Habits!

I was cleaning up last night when I got a sudden urge to check under the couch to see what might be hidden there. Here's what I found at 2 a.m. (Don't laugh):

An illustrated history of America
A Jeff Foxworthy paperback (You might be a redneck...)
A poetry anthology
A volume of a 2-volume set on Epistemology
A Greek lexicon
A woodworking how-to manual
An analysis of the U.S. presidency during the 1960s
A guide to fruits (in Spanish)
A Calvin and Hobbes collection
And... a children's picture book (more on this later).

But wait... there's more. Hidden in the dark depths under the couch also were an old Star Wars calendar, a booklight (with batteries that worked!), a baseball, origami paper (oh yeah, and an origami book), two pencils, an unused green twisty tie, kneaded rubber (for sketching, or more for erasing my darned sketching errors), two plastic pencil sharpeners and three paper clips.

After reading that list, I don't even know where to begin with the explanations. How many of my writing projects are represented in this list? I can say they absolutely represent the fits of so-called writing inspiration that sometimes hit me at 2 a.m.

Don't you just love the manic art of writing!

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  1. Such a true statement, especially when there's kids involved.


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