Wednesday, March 9, 2011

What Is My Inner Critic's Name?

You know who I'm talking about. It's that voice that won't shut up when you're trying to write.

"That idea sucks! What are you thinking?"
"Really! You call that writing? You should give it up now, dude."

Yep, that's the voice, that old windbag!

"OMG! That's so cliche... And I'm not old. YOU are old!"

See! She won't shut up. But, I'm going to ignore her nagging. I am going to use an old writing prompt (one I never used) and instead describe my inner critic, give her a name, the whole burrito.
No offense to anyone, but my inner critic must be female. A male just wouldn't be as realistic for me as my personal inner critic. Not annoying enough.

So... that's my task tonight once I'm home and in my personal writing zone. This might take me awhile - at least coming up with the right name might. The name must be perfect. It must scream: Annoying, sadistic, arrogant, cruel! Too bad Cruella Deville's already taken as a name.

"Ha! Ha! Give up already. You can't do better than that."

There she goes again....

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