Friday, July 27, 2012

Stress-related Writer's Block? A Solution For Releasing Pressure So You Can Write Again

Do you know how to make origami cranes? How about paper airplanes? 
Crane or dragon?

When I am feeling stuck in my writing - which usually happens when I am feeling stressed about something like grading a mountain of papers, my daughter asking about dating, or ... nope, the dating thing is the big one. It usually sends me into a wicked stress spiral... like right now. It has me all knotted up.

I'm sure other parents can relate. 

During such times, I have a lot of nervous energy that must be released. Think tea pot that's reached a boil. The steam whistles out with a shooting force that can't be held back. Unfortunately that nervous energy hasn't helped much with writing. Actually, it has produced some frenzied speed writing sessions, but mostly describing fantastical plans to turn my home into a fortress guarded by dragons or some of my mall demons with an appetite for overly-curious teenaged boys trying to get my daughter's digits. 


So, I have resorted to other ways when I need to expend that nervous energy: origami and paper airplanes. Especially origami. 

It's hard (well, harder) to dream up tortures for teenaged suitors when you are making paper flowers and cranes. The cranes do resemble dragons though. Hmmm...

The point is I am able to get back to writing that essay, short story, etc., once that nervous energy has been released. Do you have ways to de-stress so that you can get back to your writing? Find what works for you. Take a break from that manuscript. Water the garden. Re-arrange your sock drawer. Get rid of all that junk mail. Then come back to your writing.

Maybe it is as simple as taking a walk around the neighborhood - especially if you also want to see where that boy lives. 

Just kidding.

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